The world's most exclusive hand sanitiser

“The chicest hand sanitiser ever”

“The botanical scent is undeniably luxurious.”

“Zenatti is a new brand on a mission to redefine hand hygiene.”



  • "I can’t think of how many bottles of hand sanitisers I’ve been through and now I have this beautiful refillable one."

    Miguel Grammy Award Winning Artist
  • "My favourite hand sanitiser, I’ve been travelling all around the world with it. It’s the Rolls Royce of hand sanitiser… Smells like heaven! And is perfect for travel."

    Hofit Golan Forbes Lifestyle Influencer of the Year
  • “The most innovative hand sanitiser on the market, absolutely epic! I always take it with me each day. It is indispensable for me. The design is sublime. People are always asking me about Zenatti.”

    Marc Jacques Burton Fashion Designer, MJB
  • "Just the fanciest hand sanitiser ever"

    Sarah Lysander Model
  • “I dig it!!!”

    Kimberly Wyatt Member of The Pussycat Dolls
  • “It smells like a zesty exotic day spa, it’s absolutely divine - just gorgeous!”

    Faye Tozer Member of Steps
  • "Well this is a beauty. Redolent of 4711"

    Madeleine Spencer Journalist
  • "I love the fact it's organic and has essential oils to care for my hands. Smells like a spa too!"

    Clelia Theodorou Model

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