Our fragrance Jardin Aux Herbes

Tristan BADARD, Perfumer
Jardin Aux Herbes in his own words

The best way to describe “Jardin Aux Herbes” is a journey and an homage to the Mediterranean Basin. The fragrance invites us to travel and explore the rich ingredients characteristic of that region, leading us first to a luxurious orchard along the coast of Italy. The sun sets over cerulean seas as the trees burst with the scent of juicy mandarin and refreshing bergamot, carefully selected from the region of Calabria where only the most exquisite citrus oils are produced.


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As the uplifting top note fades gracefully we are transported to a countryside garden located in the French Riviera surrounded by the sound of cicadas and the soothing silage of France’s famous lavandin, sourced from the most superior quality from the region of Provence, a scent that for many evokes fond childhood memories filled with serenity, joy and family time. Gradually notes of fresh thyme and herbaceous rosemary teleport us to Spain for a brief but unforgivable escapade into the wild.

Deep into the heart of “Jardin Aux Herbes” lies an opulent accord of neroli. If we close our eyes, we find ourselves sitting on the terrace of a Moroccan villa overlooking a sumptuous orange grove. The orange flowers have started blossoming and are filling the air with a sensual floral mist diffusing in the warm sultry evening, everything feels just perfect.


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Our adventure finally brings us to more exotic notes of deep earthy patchouli and mysterious eucalyptus, leaving us with the feeling of having wandered the world and wanting more...

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